Hamilton x Dune

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Hamilton teams up with Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures to design otherworldly watches for the film "Dune: Part II".

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The sequel to a cinematic masterpiece

Since 1932, the Hamilton watchmaking house, a veritable Hollywood institution, has been creating watches that have appeared in over 500 major films.

In collaboration with behind-the-scenes talent, Hamilton sets out to conquer new worlds with "Dune: Part Two." While in previous collaborations Hamilton selected existing watches, delved into its archives to track down old models or created completely new ones, the world of "Dune" demanded an altogether different approach.

At Denis Villeneuve's request, Hamilton worked closely with the film's head of props, Doug Harlocker, to design an otherworldly watch that defied the norms of traditional watchmaking. Unaware of the device's function, but guided by Frank Herbert's book and Villeneuve's vision, Hamilton designers created a robust device with a distinctly Fremen identity, perfectly embodying Harlocker's artistic style, and whose final design received the approval of Villeneuve himself.

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Hamilton Ventura watches: A dazzling tribute to Dune

While the "Desert Watch" is exclusive to Arrakis, it has nonetheless inspired Hamilton to launch two limited-edition watches in February 2024, coinciding with the theatrical release of "Dune: Part II."

Both Venturas feature a luminous blue dial reminiscent of the Fremen's characteristic blue eyes.

The Ventura Bright features a button that replicates the luminous blue lines of the "Desert Watch" dial. The all-new Ventura Edge features an angular, matte black PVD-coated case with a blue digital display replicating the raised elements visible on the film prop.

These limited-edition watches come with a collector's box inspired by the film, to the delight of fans of the films and books as well as collectors.