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FRED started producing modern and unusual pieces way back in 1936. Its jewellery – including bracelets,rings, necklaces and earrings – all feature curved and graphic lines that exalt the personality of the lucky man or woman who wears them. The FRED has many timeless signatures for which it is known, from buckles and cables to natural gemstones,diamonds,cords, flexible links and interchangeable stones. Explore the Force 10, Chance Infinie, Success, Pain de Sucre and Ombre Féline collections by FRED.

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The Force 10 collection by Fred has constantly reinvented itself for over 50 years. Characterised by its famous buckle and a large range of marine-inspired cables, the Force 10 jewellery collection is one of the Maison’s most iconic and features pieces that are bold, laid back and tailored to the wearer’s personal taste.