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Meistersinger watches celebrate incomparable German engineering. The watch manufacture was founded by Manfred Bassler, a passionate watch collector, and has always stood out thanks to its one-of-a-kind philosophy. A philosophy that says a watch’s sole purpose is to show the time. Which is why Meistersinger has decided to revive part of the ancient tradition of sun dials and create watches that thumb their nose up at today’s high-tech timepieces. Instead, they prefer to get straight to the point with precise mechanisms, easy-to-read displays and simple assemblies. This focus on traditional roots is immediately visible in the Néo, Perigraph and Pangaea collections. Meistersinger watches advocate simplicity and perfection.

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Featuring only one hand for a unique look, discover the Circularis collection by Meistersinger, faithful to the manufacture’s essence. Circularis watches by Meistersinger are the ideal sidekick for anyone who shuns conformity and likes to stand out.